Watch: DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Enjoy another of our video recipes: a quick, easy, DIY, non-toxic, all-natural hand sanitizer recipe to protect your children and you from all of those germies we encounter throughout our daily[...]

Video: All Natural, DIY Vapor Rub Recipe

This all natural, DIY Vapor Rub recipe can be a lifesaver for anyone experiencing respiratory issues but especially for our little ones. Watch Mindy and Simone Anewalt of Natural Awakenings[...]

Women Unite for Days for Girls: Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.

We all have the ability to pursue our passions… or we sit back and watch others pursue theirs… Sometimes we have so many interests that it’s hard to decide which one, and so we don’t act on any.

Green Zhing Juicing Recipe: Just in The Nick of Time for St. Patrick's Day

This green juicing recipe is a blast from the past but it is sooo good it NEVER gets old! Perfect for St. Patrick's Day - wear your green on the inside!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We've put together a few special essential oil blends for you to try and share on this special day for lovers.  Run them through your diffuser all day or just when you want to set the mood...  :)

Sleep: The cool side of the pillow (Part 2)

The Keys to Sleep Are in the Brain

So how do you get better quality sleep? For many people, falling asleep is the tough part. They can’t seem to relax enough for the natural progression of Slow[...]

Frankincense: The Gift

Frankincense is known as the 'King of essential oils' AND the 'essential oil of kings' for very good reasons. From skin issues to your brain, watch as Mindy Rowser of Essential Ninja explains why[...]

Sleep: The cool side of the pillow (Part 1)

Did you just open your eyes to the horrible realization that everyone in the meeting just heard you snore? Was it because earlier the barista accidentally gave you a triple breve instead of your[...]

Because the World is Covered in Poop - Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Maybe you forgot to send little Joey off in his own hermetically sealed bubble, or you are pretty sure he will trade it for his BFF’s retainer (because it makes him feel like a Transformer when he[...]

My Television Cured My Cancer: An Essential Oil Love Story

Does this title sound ridiculous to you? I thought so too yet many people will blindly believe 'ESSENTIAL OILS EMIT VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES' without any hesitation. You are definitely not alone if[...]

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