If you’ve ever visited our Oil Testimonials page you’d know that our customers love to share their experiences of relief from so many health issues. This week one of our customers wanted to share her family’s personal case study with us, one that involves sleep and doTERRA’s AromaTouch Technique Kit.

First, let’s introduce Ms E and Mr T...

Ms E is an experienced oil user and has been a customer of ours for several years. She recently attended one of our AromaTouch Technique Certification classes where she learned how to apply essential oils with this clinical, therapeutic technique.

Mr T has been experiencing sleep issues for a long time, as Ms E reports:

“He was on ambien for 5 years and when he got off it he couldn't sleep for sh*t. He would fall asleep for 2 hours and then be wide awake for hours. Turn the TV on and fall back to sleep for maybe a couple hours. This went on for two years until we tried this experiment. He said he hadn't slept 8 hours in YEARS. He said ambien didn't give him more than 6 hours ever.”

Ms E convinced Mr T to let her use him as a case study to practice her newly gained essential oils knowledge. As the images of her notebook (below) demonstrate, not only did Mr T sleep better, improving the quality and duration of sleep, but they were finally able to replace his pharmaceutical sleeping pills with a natural sleep aid AND the positive effects of these essential oils lasted beyond the initial application!


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“How could this be?!”, you ask. In this case, it’s called Sleep Entrainment. We talk about the process of training the brain for sleep and relaxation on our How To Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep page, in our blog posts Sleep The Cool Side of the Pillow Part-1 & Part-2 and in this video: The Sleeping Brain and Essential Oils  

Learn more about the AromaTouch Technique Kit HERE


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