Watch: DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Enjoy another of our video recipes: a quick, easy, DIY, non-toxic, all-natural hand sanitizer recipe to protect your children and you from all of those germies we encounter throughout our daily[...]

Women Unite for Days for Girls: Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.

We all have the ability to pursue our passions… or we sit back and watch others pursue theirs… Sometimes we have so many interests that it’s hard to decide which one, and so we don’t act on any.

Because the World is Covered in Poop - Hand Sanitizer Recipe

Maybe you forgot to send little Joey off in his own hermetically sealed bubble, or you are pretty sure he will trade it for his BFF’s retainer (because it makes him feel like a Transformer when he[...]

12-Week Transformation: Fat Old Guy to...

Three months ago I was coming off of that month-(or so)-long American tradition of binge eating and drinking we call “The Holidays”. In honor of Santa Claus I consumed enough sugary delicacies and[...]


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