We all have the ability to pursue our passions… or we sit back and watch others pursue theirs… Sometimes we have so many interests that it’s hard to decide which one, and so we don’t act on any.

But how many of us never DO ANYTHING at all? We “like” from the FB sidelines, or we voice our opinion from our backseat driver seat? As mothers, daughters, wives and sisters, we are powerful creators of change. #metoo #neveragain has proven that Loud and Clear this year.

Does it make you angry? Does it make your stomach turn when you realize 100% of your girlfriends, young and old, have been sexually harassed? Perhaps you’re like me and shared your story or two? I was glad that it was coming to light and those men, no matter how powerful, were (almost) feeling the consequences of their actions.

But then I woke up and went on my way and little in MY world changed. Imagine if every day, every week, every month of the year, you were faced with the fear that you were at the mercy of only men to be able to do something as simple as go to school… As first world female citizens many of us can’t even fathom the far reaching ramifications of not having menstrual cycle solutions, can we?

Well, that all changed when I met Jenna Fadel from Insurance Professionals. She and Malia Oswald, co-team the Days for Girls SE Boise chapter which meets the last Thursday of the month in East Boise.

You see, I’ve been involved with doTERRA essential oils as a leader for several years. I 'cheered-on' from the side-lines as we broke the Guiness Book of World Records in 2017 I talked to people about what a great thing it was… but I never knew what exactly I could do. I am not one to make excuses but I was never invited to ACT. I didn’t see myself going on a “mission” trip to Africa, I wasn’t going to go teach self defense to girls in Nepal… The most I did to “contribute” was donate $1 of my monthly doTERRA order to Healing Hands and let them do what they do best.

It wasn’t until one Thursday night that I viscerally felt how important the work Jenna and Malia are doing is. I hauled my 1990 sewing machine (A gift from my mother) to East Wind Church (with both kids in tow) to actually sit down and sew some DFG liners - to DO something. It felt good to give, not only money but also time. It was motivating and humbling all at the same time. To see so many people show up to serve drove us to wait in line for the next project. It was unavoidably inspiring to see the set up and take down, the organization and the passion fueling both Jenna and Malia.

It changed me.

I was especially inspired by the vision of one lady: Celeste Mergens with her tenacious flexibility and fearless partnering she created a movement that now spans more than 100 nations. I was invited by another lady: Marlene Robinson from to speak at this year’s annual “Women’s Spring Tea” a fundraiser for our Days for Girls SE Boise.

I’ll admit, I got a little queasy at the idea of a “Tea Bonnet” bearing event and talking about young girls using cow dung for their periods… And I was called to DO SOMETHING by Jenna Fadel who in her gentle manner has moved mountains to spread the word. I found a way to open a door by using humor and humility to talk about menstruation so casually that we could drink our Tea, enjoy our cakes and generously donate over $6K to Days For Girls in less than a few hours.


Making it not weird was a lot easier than I thought… For if we can't talk about menstruation in our first world communities, with our girls, with our guys, without fear or anything to lose…, how in the world are we going to… CHANGE THE WORLD?

Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.

Get involved, Donate and watch this awesome video to get you in the groove:


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